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Acciones pedagógicas libertarias. Diálogos horizontales y encuentros entre territorios

Este conversatorio podrá seguirse por Zoom aquí para les que quieran participar directamente en el conversatorio. Les que quieran verlo, también podrán hacerlo por el canal de YouTube.

En este conversatorio platicaremos sobre las similitudes y las diferencias entre diferentes prácticas libertarias en varias geografías. Aurora nos compartirá sobre el proceso de educación popular que teje junto al colectivo La Maleza en Bogotá, Micha platicará sobre el tequio que llevan a cabo desde el colectivo Nudzavuiñuhu y Sonia presentará su aporte a la pedagogía anarquista desde un contexto académico desde la Red de Pedagogías Anarquistas. Nos encantaría invitarlos a participar en el conversatorio y conocer sus proyectos y prácticas para creas diálogos colectivos. Les esperamos el sábado 12 de marzo!

Self-Directed Education and Anarchism: a Q&A with Grown Unschoolers

To join this event, go here (Zoom) at the scheduled time!

What is self-directed education, and why should anarchists care about it? We like to define it as education that derives from the self-chosen activities and life experiences of the learner, while remaining embedded in and shaped by the learner’s communities. It’s an umbrella term for such diverse approaches as unschooling, free schools, Agile Learning Centers and Flying Squads. Self-directed education and anarchism seem to both of us to be deeply compatible philosophies, and we’d like to share the reasons we feel that’s the case and answer any questions attendees might have, as both grown unschoolers and anarchists ourselves.

About the Presenters:

Idzie is a grown unschooler who has been living, thinking, and writing about self-directed education for most of her life. Her writing is deeply informed by her anarchistic politics, her experience of queerness and of chronic illness. She is a sporadic but enthusiastic reader of novels and nonfiction alike, and sees her writing as a constant quest to untangle chaotic thoughts and forge connections with others through words. Idzie lives in the Montreal area of Quebec, Canada, but dreams of living in the woods.

Idzie’s writing can be found here, and she’s easy to find on Twitter (@Idzie).

Bria Bloom, along with her older brother, grew up in an unschooling family, and now is a parent of a self-directed young person, and a passionate advocate for collective liberation, Self-Directed Education, & young people’s rights.

The unschooling and deschooling world was her gateway into a whole lot of questioning — realizing that the systems that try to define our lives, and “school” us, are not limited to just school. She now spends her time finding new ways to build & live in community, seeking disruption of harmful “norms,” and reimagining the way our living can be. All of this led her right to the connection between unschooling and Anarchism, a connection she continues to explore and play in as much as she can. She also loves to engage & play as an SDE facilitator and parent.

Some of her passion projects include Flying Squads and working with the Alliance for Self-Directed Education. You can find her on Instagram @bria.bloom and on Twitter @briablooms.