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UnMastering the Story of Change

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Change is a key part of story and pedagogical design, and our everyday. At present, though, the current story many of us tell ourselves is that change is forced. A protagonist is forced to change because of an inciting incident, a student is forced to change to a teacher’s learning objectives, a person is forced to change to conform to the dominant culture. But no-one is a master of your change, and you don’t master change in others or yourself even.

This session juxtaposes the norms of change in story (and game) design with how we experience change in education, and shows other ways to enable willful and joyous change in our characters, students, and communities. To do this, we’ll begin with some online accessible preparation material to frame the aspects of change we’ll explore. These include assumptions around how change begins, who is meant to change and who apparently gets to change others, what is supposed to change and what can, and how change is currently conceived to develop and how it can. Then we’ll meet online for a guided discussion to help unlearn the norms of change, and develop different ways of thinking and action that don’t involve masters.

About the Presenter:

Christy Dena (she/they, pronounced Dee-na) is a storyteller, researcher, and educator based in unceded Bunurong Country/Melb. She makes interactive stories in all forms from live play to tabletop to installation, and facilitates artistic process in independent, industry, and academic settings. She can be found on Twitter: @christydena.

Hollowing out the Shell of Counseling and Therapy: Mental Health, its Intersections, and Education

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This talk is for anyone interested in the education of mental health clinicians (e.g., counselors, social workers, therapists, or psychologists) and discussing the ways in which anarchist pedagogy can help prepare clinicians to address intersections in their work and their education. The presenter will have some points to present on this topic (e.g., prefigurative outlooks, direct action, and mutual aid in classrooms and field) but invites any interested to bring their points of view either from their own education, their own experiences with a mental health clinician, or experiences in helping to train mental health clinicians. Anarchist-aligned perspectives toward mental health will be discussed, such as work by the Jane Addams Collective and their Mutual Aid Self/Social Therapy and the Power Threat Meaning Framework. Of importance to discuss is the intersectionality between mental health, class, disability, race, gender, and other features of identity.