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Budding Roses Summer Camp was founded as a project of Black Rose Anarchist Federation in 2016 by a collective of educators and artists with the goal of providing radical engagement opportunities to youth in East Portland. Our evolving pedagogy borrows from thinkers such as Paolo Freire, Jacques Rancière, and bell hooks; our programs have been influenced by projects such as the Black Panthers Free Breakfast Program and the Paideia Free School. We believe in empowerment through education, while also understanding that mainstream education often reproduces structural oppression and disempowers youth, particularly low income and youth of color. Each year Budding Roses adult organizers strive to evolve our camp philosophy towards an anarchist education model that de-centers adult ways of knowing and experiences. In this webinar we will tell the story of an anarchist summer camp, including the challenges, revelations, and goals for the future. Most importantly, we will share art, ideas, and workshops created by the radical youth thinkers from Budding Roses.

About Budding Roses:

Budding Roses was founded in 2017 as a project of Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Foundation, inspired by global examples of mutual aid and popular education projects like the Paideia Free School in Spain and the Black Panther’s Free Breakfast Programs, and Paolo Friere’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

We organize our two week summer camp as a democratic educational space, where campers identify topics they are interested in learning about, set community ground rules, use restorative justice to resolve conflicts, and lead their own workshops to teach their peers.

We believe empowering youth to become critically engaged with social justice issues lays the groundwork for transformational social change tomorrow and today. We see returning campers taking on leadership roles at camp, getting involved in their communities, holding banners at marches, and initiating discussions about social issues with their parents. Budding Roses activates young leaders to see themselves as agents of change in their world.

Instagram: @budding_roses_pdx