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Are institutionalized pedagogies preparing us for becoming the critical, capable, and active individuals the present state of the world requires us to be? Are the orthodox learning objectives of our curricula in synch with the current needs of our society and our immediate communities? How do immediacy and improvisation contribute to critically reconsidering these orthodoxies and opening up our pedagogical methods towards viable extra-institutional ideas and practices? You are hereby invited to join me in a radical reflection and discussion on the past present and future possibilities of our collective pedagogical imagination.

About the Presenter:

An enthusiast of music cultures, a supporter of socially and politically involved arts, and a veteran fan of free improvised music and punk, Judit has been involved with various alternative associations across Europe over the years. Among them is a long association with Mediawave Festival in Hungary, where she served in various functions; program curator, international network representative, and festival coordinator. Another example is the Doek collective in Holland, where Judit was involved in starting a collective community calendar for the local creative music scene. She was also a part of the independent record label Barefoot Records in Denmark as a label and project manager. Judit is now working on a research project investigating the changing political horizons of free improvised music scenes in Europe as a Ph.D. student at the International Institute for Critical Studies in Improvisation.