In a twist from the format of usual episodes, our friend Carl reached out to us to talk to us about a topic that he had written about. This topic was about the ways in which we learn languages and how we engage with doing so, especially via apps like Duolingo.

Much of the conversation revolves around a number of topics. This includes a discussion around translation and its place within our movement, which includes how we translate things and how people perceive that information. Other aspects of the conversation discuss the issue of monolingualism, particularly with regard to English-speakers, and the recognition that plurilingualism is something we should more widely support.

We even discuss elements of constructed auxilliary languages! So there is a small conversation around things like Esperanto.

We had a lot of fun doing this, and we were absolutely happy that Carl reached out. If you also want to reach out, please feel free to contact us!

Resources mentioned in the podcast episode:
Carl’s piece Tourism and Apps (en español: Idiomas secundarios)
Tech Won’t Save Us: Big Tech Won’t Revitalize Indigenous Languages (with Keoni Mahelona)