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Joyful Resistance, September 10

Joyful Resistance banner. Image reads “Joyful Resistance”, with a clenched fist holding a pencil and a circle-A for the letter “a” in the word resistance. The image also contains the Anarchist Pedagogies Network logo, a circle around four hands holding each other, and the Antiuni Now logo, a black circle with the words “Antiuni Now” in white.

Being an anarchist educator can be a pretty lonely affair from time to time. We’ve seen a need to approach this issue by many members and participants in Anarchist Pedagogies Network events, and we’d like to do something practical about it. We’ve already hosted several successful events, and this one is really special, as it is made available through Antiuniversity. At the session, we will have an informal discussion about our experiences with education, how we might be able to support other educators attempting to use anarchist methods in their classrooms, or any topic that participants find useful. This forum has been incredibly meaningful to participants so far, and has created some inspiring collaborations.

Groups in both Spanish and English. Check out the event here.

Resources from the Zine Event

On the weekend of August 21 and 22, we collaborated with Gata Negra to host two events about zine making. It was our first bilingual event! And it resulted in a lot of information and some really interesting (and cute) zines. We wanted to make these widely available for everyone who wasn’t able to make it to this event.

We started by presenting the relationship between zines and education, and their potential as pedagogical tools in the classroom. You can the slides for that talk here: No More Textbooks! (ENG) or No Más Libros de Texto! (SPA).

We continued with a brief history of zines. You can find out more about that here: Zines and Anarcho-feminism (ENG) and Memes and Zines (ENG).

And, lastly, we made some really cool zines together in our workshop! Here are a coupe of the completed zines we received (and if you want to email the one you made to be shared, please email them to us):

Though we didn’t get the introduction to the event in English, we did do a quick presentation that can be found here.

We felt like this event was really successful! Participants seemed to really enjoy it and were working together to build something really quick, learning different techniques.

In the future, we hope to host another zine event! This one was fantastic, and it would be great to do yet another one to help share more skills across collectives, networks, and individuals.

If you have ideas or would like to host any kind of event with us, please feel free to send us an email or a message! We’d love to hear from you.

Joyful Resistance, August 6

Online event, Friday, August 6, 2021. Times for English-speaking group: 4 PM UCT (5 PM BST / 6 PM CEST / 12 PM EDT). Times for Spanish-speaking group: 10 PM UCT (5 PM CDT / 6 PM Chile / 12 AM CEST)

Creating a community to share experiences and ideas is a useful approach to develop ourselves as educators, but we also need each other to take care of ourselves.

Mutual care, as the emotional part of mutual aid, is an essential part of our survival and resistance in neoliberal educational environments. We’d like to invite all of you to our monthly Joyful Resistance group, where we are creating a safe space of mutual support to endure our struggles and create resistance networks together. Here, we’ll have a safe space to meet others, criticize safely, open up, give and receive support, and keep on our educational work together.

Our goal is to develop self-directed groups where we can create our own structures, topics and agendas.

If you’d like to join us for the first time, please register here…/joyful-resistance…

If you have participated in former meetings, you are free to use the same Zoom link you got. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Statement in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples in So-Called Canada

Image reads “Statement in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples in So-Called Canada”, written on a light orange background and a darker orange circle.

The Anarchist Pedagogies Network stands in solidarity with the Indigenous First Nations in so-called Canada. For years, they have used their voices to speak out against the terrible abuse, neglect, violence, and oppression suffered by their communities. Today, as they continue conducting searches near former residential schools and find more and more unmarked graves, we stand in resistance with all the survivors and their communities.

These recent findings of the unmarked graves of hundreds of Indigenous children that have been found through the work of Indigenous peoples on the very same sites as residential schools in many parts of so-called Canada serve as evidence on how white supremacist systems, in combination with Catholic and Christian institutions, have been used as brutal colonising tools against Indigenous peoples. All of whom have suffered under the yoke of settler colonialism and capitalism.

We recognise the history of residential schools as supporting the genocide of Indigenous peoples. We support all of the resistance movements that work to dismantle capitalism on a daily basis. We condemn the continued violent assimilation of and oppression against Indigenous peoples.

This requires to not only keep unearthing this important history but looking towards Indigenous peoples throughout the world. We must help them heal from their losses by supporting their sovereignty and giving them their lands back. Further work is required of us, as anarchist educators, to dismantle colonialism wherever it appears, including the education systems which have always promoted settler colonial values. We must come to terms with the ways in which we may also contribute to the anti-colonial project and be aware of our own roles within it, actively working against them.

The Anarchist Pedagogies Network is committed to standing in support of Indigenous peoples in so-called Canada, across so-called North America, and throughout the world to co-create educational spaces of hope, solidarity, and resistance in order to dismantle settler colonialism everywhere.

For more information, go to…/…/…/…/…

Learning with the Little Tree: A Self-organised Libertarian Preschool in Thessaloniki, Greece

Online event, Wednesday, July 14, 2021, 4 PM UCT (5 PM BST, 6 PM CEST, 7 PM EEST, 12 PM EDT, 9 AM PDT). Link below.

The “Little Tree that will become a forest” is a self-organized pedagogical venture that operates under the values of libertarian and experience-based learning. Its operation started in January 2014, in the forest-like area in Krioneri, Thessaloniki. It consists of three groups: the children’s group, the parents’ group, and the teachers’ group. The first get together of the parents and teachers was a result of the need and desire for a different kind of education—an education that, on a first level, begins from respecting the individuality, the personal learning pace, the needs and desires of every child. On a second basis, it goes on to ensure that the child experiences a community of direct democracy, with such tools as inclusive education, mutual assistance and participation in the collective life. It is essential to us that in the pursuit of knowledge exploration and all-round growth, the children need to be accompanied with empathy, acceptance and sincerity. This kind of education is the one we try to make happen right here, right now in the community of “Little Tree”. Besides the aforementioned, it is equally important for us to struggle to publicly open the issue of libertarian education.

Join the event here:

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