Online event, Friday, May 7, 2021. Choose the timezone that works best for you.

Being an anarchist educator can be a pretty lonely affair from time to time. We’ve seen a need to approach this issue by many of our members and participants in our events, and we’d like to do something practical about it.

Creating a community to share experiences and ideas is a useful approach to develop ourselves as educators, but we also need each other to take care of ourselves.
Mutual care, as the emotional part of mutual aid, is an essential part of our survival and resistance in neoliberal educational environments. We’d like to invite all of you to our monthly Joyful Resistance group, where we are creating a safe space of mutual support to endure our struggles and create resistance networks together. Here, we’ll have a safe space to meet others, criticize safely, open up, give and receive support, and keep on our educational work together.

Our goal is to develop self-directed groups where we can create our own structures, topics and agendas.

In order to facilitate these meetings, we’ll have three different meetings during each date, adapted to 3 different time zones. You can choose to participate either in Spanish or English, just remember to register in advance. we’ll send you the link to the event a couple of days in advance. Link to the registration form:…/1FAIpQLSdrvuoQqWZqMU…/viewform

UPDATE: If you have registered for the event, please check your email for details of room and time.